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Osseointegration: biological events in relation to characteristics of the implant surface.

SADJ April 2014, 69:3:112-117.

Feller L, Chandran R, Khammissa RAG, Meyerov R, Jadwat Y, Bouckaert M, Schechter I, Lemmer J.

PMID: 2497448

Osseointegration of titanium implants is a complex biological process involving interactions

between immuno-inflammatory responses, angiogenesis and osteogenesis, all of which are

influenced by the physical and chemical characteristics of the implant surface. An implant surface with moderately rough topography and high surface energy influences cellular activities, enhancing peri-implant bone wound healing. Primary mechanical stability of the implant is essential for osseointegration. In this article we review some of the more important biological events of peri-implant bone wound healing in the process of osseointegration, and discuss how the biophysical properties of implant surfaces influence cellular responses.

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