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Fourier trans form spectral imaging (FT-SIM) and scanning Raman microscopy for the detection...

Talanta 2015 134:514-523.

Lutin A, Bulatov V, Jadwat Y, Wood N et al

Endosteal dental implants are used routinely with high success rates to

rehabilitate the integrity of the dentition. However if implant surfaces become

contaminated by foreign material, osseointegration may not occur and the dental

implant will fail because of the lack of mechanical stability. Detection and

characterization of dental implant surface contaminants is a difficult task. In this

article we investigate the application of several spectral microscopy methods to

detect airborne contaminants on dental implant surfaces. We found that Fourier

Transform Spectral Imaging Microscopy (FT-SIM) and scanning Raman

microscopy provided the most useful information. Some implants possess weak

and homogeneous auto-fluorescence and are best analyzed using FT-SIM

methods, while others are Raman inactive and can be analyzed using scanning

Raman microscopy.

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