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Cone-beam CT (Scanners)

Cone beam CT scanners are similar in size and appearance to
panoramic X-ray units, yet they offer more applications using high
resolution with low radiation exposure to patients.

Cone beam CT scanners can help with implant planning and site
development, jaw symmetry, the configuration of roots, fractures, jaw
pathology, sinus augmentation, advanced grafting procedures,
periodontal defects, extractions (helps determine the location of nerves, sinus, and roots), canal measurements, additional canals,
configuration of root canals, detection of bony defects, sinus and
airway studies.

Benefits of CBCT imaging

  • Imaging exposes patients to less radiation than traditional CT scans.

  • The scan is fast and comfortable for the patient.

  • One scan produces a volume of images that can be viewed as manipulated.

  • Dr Jadwat can illustrate recommended treatment plans to patients using 3-D software.

  • Allows Dr Jadwat to visualize internally what cannot be diagnosed externally.

  • Lower cost for the patient when compared to traditional CT.

  • Enhanced communication with patients.


Have a look at the CBCT Scanner below...

cbct picture 1.JPG
cbct picture 3.JPG
cbct picture 2.JPG
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