Dr. Yusuf Jadwat - Specialist in Periodontics and Oral Medicine

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My Book

Patient compliance levels attained in supportive periodontal therapy: A five-year period of study in a periodontal private practice in Johannesburg, South Africa

The aim of this study was to investigate the degree of compliance achieved by patients who had active periodontal therapy and subsequently entered into a supportive periodontal therapy (SPT); and to determine if gender, age, socio-economic status, type of periodontal disease and the treatment modality had any influence on the level of compliance achieved.A random selection of 304 clinical records of patients who had completed active periodontal treatment was used.At the end of the five-year study, only 20.72% of all patients belonging to our sample population had complete compliance.Our results are in agreement with other studies confirming a poor complete compliance with supportive periodontal therapy. On the final analysis the two age categories 41-60 and ≥ 61 were the only two categories that differed significantly (p=0.0172).

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What We Offer

  • Routine Periodontal Care

    Periodontal maintenance/supportive care is an ongoing treatment plan designed to monitor and intercept on recurrence of gum disease.

  • Laser Periodontal Treatment

    This treatment removes diseased or inflamed soft tissue by gently passing a laser between the gums and teeth.

  • Dental Implants

    A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that a periodontist places into your jaw to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth (bridge) or they can be used to support a denture.

  • Implant Maintenance

    Implant therapy is now a standard part of care offered to patients and therefore, an increased need for proper professional maintenance of these implants is required.

  • Periodontal Plastic Procedures

    Our oral surgery services include: tooth removal, soft tissue grafting, bone grafting, and sinus elevation.

  • Sedation Dentistry

    Sedation can help you deal with dental phobias, and alleviate the discomfort and fear that are often barriers to receiving care.

  • Oral Medicine

    It is a specialty of dentistry concerned with the oral health of patients with chronic, recurrent and medically related disorders of the oro-facial region, and with their diagnosis and management thereof.

  • Oral Cancer Screening

    Oral cancer is one of the few types of cancer that has not decreased in incidence over the past several decades.

  • Plaque Control

    Advice for good oral hygiene. Caring for sensitive teeth, choosing oral hygiene products, and professional cleaning.